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The reason for Puik’s success lies in the value-for-money strategy. This helps the consumer choose good domestic pet products for a reasonable price

  • One of the best-selling brands in the Netherlands in the field of rodent and bird feed

  • Competitively-priced feed of good quality


Farnam is a leading manufacturer of pet health products and we are proud of our product line and the benefits it gives to pets and their owners. For over 50 years, Farnam has been the first choice of consumers when purchasing products for companion pets. It is the brand pet owners trust to aid in the well-being of their pets.


We have an exceptional workforce: dedicated, loyal employees who enjoy working in the motivating and challenging work environment at Farnam. An avid interest in companion animals is another common thread among our employees--dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, and other household pets are priorities in their lives.


Our commitment to you is to provide products with incomparable quality and performance to ensure the health and well being of your pets.


Adams Pet

Adams™ products take a smarter approach to pet care and makes protecting your family, pet, home, and yard easier and more effective. The Adams™ line of products, which has been sold by veterinarians for more than 30 years, includes flea & tick topical products, shampoos, collars and sprays for your home, yard, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and is available almost everywhere pet products are sold.

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Bio Spot Active Care

Care for your pet, from nose to tail.

When a dog or cat enters our lives, a deep bond is created. They’ll love us unconditionally, and in return, we'll take the best possible care of them. Bio Spot Active Care™ products are here to give pet parents all they need to proactively care for their pets’ health and well-being. Because we know that a healthy and active pet is a happy pet. And happy pets make a happy home.



Dog owners have trusted the Sulfodene® name for over 60 years. The original product, Sulfodene® Skin Medication, is the ONLY over-the-counter treatment for hot spots, cuts and abrasions approved by the FDA. The Sulfodene® line has expanded to include a variety of remedy products, all formulated with ingredients recommended by veterinarians. Available at your local drug, discount and pet chain stores.



Teurlings quality feed for birds contains seeds and cereals from the bird’s natural habitat. Only high-quality ingredients are used. Teurlings bird seeds enjoy high acceptance among birds, so less feed is wasted, making feeding cheaper and more efficient. The mixes are perfect for feeding in rations, and the balanced compositions combined with rationing lead to better breeding results. The tailored compositions will keep your bird in peak condition and ensure excellent results in breeding and showing.

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