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British Horse Feeds

British Horse Feeds, is the equine feed division of I’Anson Bros Limited and is based in Masham, North Yorkshire.

I'Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the United Kingdom's leading manufacturers of premier animal feedstuffs. The company has been serving farmers in Yorkshire and the North of England since 1900 from the small market town of Masham, at the foot of Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales.

Now one of the UK's most successful specialist suppliers of farm feeds, micronized ingredients and horse feeds, with customers in over 30 countries worldwide, I'Anson Brothers Ltd is an independent, fourth generation, family-owned and family-managed company, still based in Masham.

British Horse Feeds is best known for its flagship product ‘Speedi-Beet’ which, thanks to the unique patented process has revolutionized the feeding of beet pulp. Speedi-Beet has improved nutrient availability and soaks in just 10 minutes, compared to 24 hours for sugar beet pellets. It’s a great way to add quality fibre to your horse’s diet for slow release energy.

In 2008 we were awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category, an achievement we are extremely proud of.


Kerckhaert is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes. To achieve its premier position the company has always upheld its core values: total commitment to dealers and uncompromising product innovation and quality since it was first founded in The Netherlands in 1906. Managed by four generations of the Kerckhaert family, the company has always maintained its lead not only by never failing to recognize market changes, but also setting trends for others to follow. The first major change came when the motor vehicle redefined the horse as a sports and recreational animal instead of a primary means of transportation. Kerckhaert was first to respond to this change by extending its range of products to suit the needs of the sports enthusiast. Today, with more than 1500 different styles in the Kerckhaert product range, and with new horseshoes being continuously introduced, Kerckhaert remains the leader in the field.


For over 65 years, Farnam has been the leader in horse care products. We continue to offer dependable, proven products horse people know they can trust.


Over the past six decades, Farnam Companies, Inc., has grown to become one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health products industry and has become one of the largest marketers of equine products in the country. No one knows horses better than Farnam. That’s why no one offers a more complete selection of horse care products. Farnam® Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and the performance horse markets with products for fly control, deworming, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatment, leather care, plus nutritional supplements.


HAVENS Horsefeed is the leading brand in equine nutrition and horsefeed in northern Europe. The company was founded in 1845 and ever since HAVENS has been continuously developing and improving its feed products.

Today, we proudly present a complete and versatile range of cubes, mixes and mueslis. These products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide.


All HAVENS horsefeed-products are guaranteed 100% natural (100% vegetable) and they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. The feed-products are composed of high-quality ingredients in fully balanced formulas and packed in paper bags (20 or 25 kg).


At HAVENS, we just have one goal: to provide the best possible nutrition for your horse or pony. With quality feeds, formulated to match all nutritional requirements; from breeding to leisure riding, racing or top-level sports.


Because your horse's nutrition is our care ...!


All our feeds are backed by HAVENS-research, combined with our over 150 years of experience. They are produced in accordance with international standards in one of Europe's most modern production facilities on the Meuse river in the South of the Netherlands.


Vettec Hoof Care Products

Vettec Manufactures hoof care products to restore natural form and function to the equine foot. Vettec’s extensive line of hoof related materials can be used to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes with Adhere, as well as create instant shoes and foal extensions with Superfast. Vettec’s instant pad materials (EquiBuild, EquiPak CS, EquiPak, Equi-Pak Soft, SilPak and SoleGuard) promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot, and prevent stone bruising.

Vettec has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of hoof care products worldwide for over 15 years. Vettec’s extensive line of hoof related materials allow your hoof care professional to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes with Adhere, as well as create instant shoes and foal extensions with Superfast. Vettec’s instant pad materials (EquiBuild, Equi-Pak, EquiPak CS, Equi-Pak Soft, SilPak and SoleGuard) promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot, and prevent stone bruising.

Our 84,000 square-foot building is where it all happens, from the executive offices to customer service, equipment service, material production, and shipping. We're located about an hour north of Los Angeles, California, a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean, in the coastal city of Oxnard. Vettec also has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe. 




Plomp en zn. bv is among the leading wood processing companies in Europe. It is centrally located in the Netherlands, in Waardenburg. The two pillars of the Plomp en zn. bv company are animal bedding and environmentally friendly fuels.

Our products are created from wood, which is processed to become an absorbent with the name Plospan®. On our website you will find everything you need to know about the bedding in your animal’s stable, sty, barn or pen. We offer a range of different animal beddings. Would you like to learn more? See animal bedding for any information you may need. In addition to absorbents, Plomp en zn. bv also offers you an innovative way of heating your home in a carbon neutral way using bio-energy.


Diamond Tools

Since 1908 horse owners and suppliers have depended on the

Diamond® brand for high quality farrier products.

Diamond® was founded in 1908 in Duluth, Minnesota, USA by blacksmith Otto Swanstrom. The company was unique because it not only mass produced innovative patented horseshoes but also a range of specialized farrier tools. Later Diamond® horseshoe nails were added, resulting in a one-stop brand for farriers. 

Diamond® is a subdivision of the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory, the largest independent horseshoe manufacturer in the world. As a family owned company since 1906, Kerckhaert shares Diamond's heritage and experience. The Diamond® product line blends very well with the leading European designs and Kerckhaert’ s vision and expertise have brought new and exiting options to Diamond®. All distribution and promotion in North America and Canada is done through Farrier Product Distribution Inc.



NORTEV is a Veterinary Medical Device company based in Galway, Ireland.

The company’s Flexineb equine nebulisation device represents a huge innovative step in administrating care to the lower and upper respiratory tract of the horse via inhalation methods. Since its incorporation in 2008, Nortev has worked closely with equine clinics and training yards in Ireland and the UK, recognising the importance of market led innovation. Flexineb™ is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Irish and UK based veterinarians, trainers and engineers.

In 2014, Nortev developed Flexineb for Small Animals (cats | dogs | ferrets) incorporating Nortev’s award winning and clinically tested proprietary nebulisation technology.


Bellota Rasp

Bellota – A Tradition of Excellence

Bellota's was founded in Legazpia, Spain, in the heart of a small valley of remarkable tradition, and now has plants throught the world. Bellota began manufacturing tools in 1908 with a staff of twelve.

The basis of their growth has been the constant effort to achieve the highest quality in their products, set apart by the Bellota trademark. Its quality has placed the Bellota brand in a leading position in the world market.


Liberty Nails

Nail making has always been a traditional process, made on long serving machines to standards developed generations ago.

The Liberty Nail has blown that tradition away by using the latest computer controlled machines which produce nails at a much higher level of consistency, and using the very latest high quality material, superior to what has been used before.

Liberty Nail; the combination of advanced materials, modern computer controlled production and the highest quality control, results in a nail which professional farriers worldwide are now using, choosing to go with the best nail on the market.

The quality of the Liberty Nail is also found in the detail of the design. The features which you find in the edges of the head, the blade and the point are only possible because of the brand new machines making the Liberty nails and the attention to every aspect of the production.

The Liberty nails are now being made in an ever increasing range of styles and sizes, all designed to fit perfectly into Kerckhaert horseshoes.

If your looking for a nail which is consistently superior, try Liberty Nails, we’re sure you will be satisfied.

Farriers Formula.png

Life Data Labs

Life Data Labs, Inc. Quality Policy
Life Data Labs Inc. is a dedicated product manufacturer committed to supplying our customers with premium quality animal nutrition and health products through continuous product improvement and new product development. Life Data Labs will continuously strive to improve our processes, products and services. We are committed to maintaining a leadership role in quality performance and providing value to our customer.

Our Team is Dedicated to Research, Manufacturing and Product Support
From our Cherokee, Alabama headquarters, we conduct research, manufacture our products, and provide product support to our customers. Please take a tour of our operations and meet our most valuable asset, the Life Data Labs Team .


The Founder - Dr. Frank Gravlee
"Where the health of horses is concerned, we take strictest measures. First-class ingredients, fresh products, consistent high quality and scientifically proven effectiveness are the main factors for our supplement feed for animals."

Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS


Life Data Labs, Inc. does not Outsource the Manufacturing Process.

Life Data Labs, Inc. maintains high standards in the design and manufacture of its products. Life Data Labs does not outsource production, standing firm to the principle that supplements manufactured within the company’s facility allows superior quality control. Proper design of the manufacturing facility can prevent cross contamination of ingredients, and result in a higher quality product. A supplement in which the manufacturing is outsourced has a greater risk of contamination, and is of particular concern in feed mills that process feeds containing animal derived ingredients or cattle feeds. Cattle feeds often contain chemicals toxic to horses.

Jim Blurton.png

Jim Blurton

Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes was established in 2007 and has very quickly become the world’s leading supplier of quality remedial shoes. The launch last year of the revolutionary Heart, Egg and Straight Bar shoes has seen Jims reputation as a worldwide expert on remedial shoeing and shoemaking enhanced further. This year will see the launch of a new Graduated Bar Shoe with a Graduated Shoe following later in 2009.

Alongside this successful business Jim is regularly asked to run clinics in the UK, Europe, USA the Middle and Far East. With his reputation as an expert in remedial shoeing and shoemaking Jim is much in demand by equine establishments worldwide. He also runs consultancy clinics on shoe making and foot rehabilitation.


Talon ABM

Advanced Bedding Management

Eagle Valley Talon ABM is an animal bedding material manufactured from 100% Northwest White Pine with approximately 4% moisture content. This makes our product more absorbent than traditional wood shavings, crumbled  newspaper or corncob materials. Northwest White Pine, a natural  deodorizer, controls ammonia the natural way. There are  NO ADDITIVES or CHEMICALS in our production process.


Compared to regular wood shavings, our product will absorb more moisture, greatly suppress ammonia, and provide a cleaner, safer  and more pleasant living environment for your animals.



The Forgemaster TM line of portable forging furnaces has the right forge to meet the needs of most blacksmithing, horse shoeing and industrial forging applications.


When you're in the market for a new portable gas-fired forge, you have several makes and models from which to choose. Please compare the advantages of purchasing a Forgemaster TM to any other portable forge on the market. When you make this important investment in your business we are confident that the value of the Forgemaster TM will place it at the top of your list.


- Constructed of thick 12 gauge (.109) hot rolled premium steel.

- Heavy-duty welded two piece clamshell construction.

- Full 3" heat chamber opening.

- Needle valve fuel adjustment insures precise distribution of fuel flow.

- Unique slanted base for top mounted door units allows easy and convenient access to heat chamber.

- Tough and durable powder coated black and silver "hammered metal" finish.

- 9' long fuel hose (12" longer than many other forges).

- Fully assembled, ready to use UL listed regulator and pressure gauge.

- Convenient spark igniter assembly.

- Heavy cast iron burners permanently welded to housing top.

- Quick and easy replacement of lining and hearth brick material.

- Accessories designed exclusively for Forgemaster TM enable you to customize your forge to suit your needs and applications.


Bloom Forge


Recognized throughout the industry, Roy Bloom has a reputation for the greatest attention to detail - and maximum performance - for every product he manufactures.  When you purchase tools from Bloom Forge, they come to you ready to function for the purpose they were intended.  With over 25 years experience as a farrier, Roy understands the use of the tools.

During his many years as a farrier, he has perfected his forging skills as a blacksmith, as well, bringing a unique understanding of the characteristics of the materials and stresses they endure in use.  Anyone who has seen ornamental work Roy has created, appreciates the ability he has to shape and work metal.



Equine Innovations Inc., was founded in 2000 by president/owner Kevin Keeler as a means to promote his invention the Hoofjack®. Developed out of a desire to make his career as a professional farrier easier and safer, Kevin invented a unique hoof support system which he named Hoofjack®.

 One year into Kevin's career as a farrier while working on the hind foot of a horse, the horse collapsed. Kevin's right knee was damaged to the point of having to remove the cartilage in that knee. As the years passed, Kevin worked on an idea of creating a hoof support system that would support the horse while working on the hind foot.

 Then, in 1997 while being flown into the Idaho backcountry to shoe horses at a ranch, the airplane crashed. After 5 hours of hiking out in waist deep snow, Kevin and 2 other people were rescued and taken to a hospital where it was determined that Kevin was suffering from a bruised heart, broken ribs, and many strained muscles.

 During recovery, Kevin redesigned the cradle portion of the stand to make it possible to support the front foot of the horse, as well as the hind. This enabled him to return to work earlier than would have been possible as it was no longer necessary to place the hoof between his knees and bear the weight of the horse.

 As Kevin was soon to realize, not only had he invented a safer and easier way to do his work, but the horses loved the stable, comfortable support as well. Fussy horses settled down, and babies stood still. Truly a win-win situation. It didn't take long before his clients began to ask for a Hoofjack®. Wanting to help horse and human alike, Kevin decided to offer the Hoofjack® to the market.


 Five and one-half years after being offered on the market, Hoofjack® came to Kevin's aid once again. The knee that had been damaged all those years before, now had to be replaced. Less than eight weeks after surgery, Kevin was comfortably back at work trimming and shoeing horses. By using the Hoofjack®, he did not have to place the hoof between his knees and therefore had no strain on his newly replaced knee.

After 30 years as a professional farrier, Kevin has retired by choice, not necessity. Most farriers are forced out of their career as their bodies wear out from the strain and demands of the job. Kevin believes that the development of the Hoofjack® added at least 10 more years to his career that he otherwise would not have had.

Hoofjack® is a product for anyone involved in hoofcare. Whether it is the horse owner, trimmer, farrier, or veterinarian, there is a safer, easier way to support the horse's hoof.

Equine Innovations Inc. is committed to producing a quality product that is made in the USA. Quality customer service is provided by a knowledgeable staff, all of which use the Hoofjack®. We invite you to join us in our quest for making both the horse and human more comfortable and safe with hoofcare.


Save edge

Save Edge means sharp and reliable, with lasting performance. This is the opinion of file users throughout the world. Since 1976 we have been giving  files the “edge” that professional craftsmen demand. Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service available.

Fiber Fresh.png

Fiber Fresh

Fiber Fresh specialises in advanced fibre-based feeds that are palatable, safe, healthy and highly effective in satisfying the energy and nutrient demands of animals.

Fiber Fresh is a highly innovative, customer focussed, progressive family-owned multi-national company that has been supplying high quality forage feeds for many years.The company was established in 1985 by owners Michael and Mary Ellen Bell whose family has now been involved in agricultural production for almost 40 years. Having been instrumental in pioneering research and development into steam extraction of lucerne leaf protein concentrate (LPC), Michael recognised the extraordinary characteristics of the lucerne plant and its value as a forage feed. Familiar too with nutrient wastage resulting from the conventional drying processes involved in making hay and chaff, Michael dedicated the company to developing a process to harvest and preserve moist, fresh lucerne. Over time, further techniques to preserve and store the end-product for maximum retention of its original nutritional value led to the development of our unique, proprietary process: Controlled Fermentation™. This process has enabled Fiber Fresh to produce a high energy, moist lucerne forage feed that has since been trialled and registered as HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber).

Fiber Fresh places great importance on research and maintains an extensive Research and Product Development programme co-funded together with the New Zealand Government agency, Callaghan Innovation.

The company currently employs around 50 staff and exports from its New Zealand manufacturing base to a growing number of countries, including the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Japan. A wholly-owned subsidiary was established in Hokkaido, Japan in 2011.



For generations, the Hobson family, owners of Hawthorne-Products, has worked with horses. Company president, Kim Hobson grew up surrounded by horses and people who worked with them. Kim’s grandfather, Roy Hobson, trained race horses across the US, and her grandmother, Chrystal Hobson, opened tack shops at the same time. Kim’s dad, Don Hobson, traveled throughout the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico providing the highest quality farrier work for top horses.

Hawthorne-Products was founded by Kim’s dad, Don Hobson, in 1977. View Hawthorne Products location. Don is responsible for bringing many of Hawthorne’s horse care formulas to the business – some formulas dating back over 100 years. Hawthorne Products has also developed additional products in-house such as Wind Aid, Hoof Freeze, Sole Pack Dressing and Sole Pack Packing. Many Hawthorne horse care products have become staples for horse lovers across the world.

Hawthorne Products supports a variety of charities and local functions including horse rescue organizations, Humane Society, Friends of Ferdinand, ReRun, prison rehabilitation programs including horse care, 4-H, Youth barrel racing, Farrier Clinics, and numerous individuals with their horses. View our Donations page. Kim Hobson not only helps run Hawthorne Products but also owns her own horses including her rescued stallion – Jackson’s Gap and her race horse – Thurben. Get to know our Hawthorne horses!

Hawthorne Products developed a simple principle concerning customer satisfaction over 50 years ago…give the customer the best possible product for the best possible price. Well things certainly haven’t changed. In fact, the purpose of this website is to provide faster, more efficient service to our customers without the typical price increases associated with technological improvements.

At Hawthorne Products, our goal is to use every resource available to maintain the optimum health of horses, and to help them live longer, healthier lives by combining science and thorough research to create the best equine care products possible.

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